Thinking about FAO

New to Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO)? Trying to figure out your options? Let us help you.

Navigating a vast outsourcing global landscape can be challenging. So we thought it would be helpful if we covered, in this section, some important aspects of what you need to consider

Market view

Global market for accounting services is estimated at ca. $460B, while the business process outsourcing market is valued at ca. $1 trillion, of which finance and accounting BPO is valued at around $30B. The entire finance and accounting market landscape consists of SME services delivered by accounting service providers and large enterprise work that is produced by larger business process outsourcing organizations. The industry trends are towards increased levels of creative process design, more plug-and-play solutions, intelligent automation, real-time analytics and sustained business outcomes.


The SME and enterprise sectors require distinct value propositions: the former is focused around a professional delivery of personalized accounting service while the latter puts strong focus on business efficiency, automation and process intelligence. However, business flexibility is a key deliverable in both segments.


Working with an FAO provider means:

• You can convert your fixed costs into variable costs
• You can gain upward or downward scalability
• You can expect the provider to take care of the infrastructure upgrades
• You can work with a partner who treats BPO as their day job with a focus on balanced quality and efficiency