Single Country Business

Do you operate in a single country?

Here are some of the challenges you might be facing and this is how we could help.

As a single country business, you are probably running an internal finance and accounting function as a non-core process. It is typical that you are facing recruitment and performance management challenges while experiencing downtime and efficiency of staff. You may be encountering insufficiency of staff skillset as well as risk of losing the competence due to your team members opting to work for a different organization or other reasons of attrition.


Depending on the level of skillset, replacing such resources can be challenging and costly and creates a risk of being non-compliant with the local regulations as well as create financial reporting issues. FAO space is tightly related to IT and due to the pace of change in the contemporary business environment, you may be operating legacy systems.

Opting to work with Nordgain, you would deal with an organization whose core competence is to outsource finance and accounting function in a variety of businesses and industries. Efficiency and cost-to-serve concepts are at the heart of our delivery framework.


We deliver flexibility for your business, de-risk your operations and provide assurance of outcomes. In our business, we use appropriate IT tools while continuously investing in them. While providing services, we constantly focus on client experience and going extra mile, thus ensuring mutually rewarding partnership.