Served by an FAO provider

Decision made and you are already working with an external FAO service provider.

Are you getting a full value out of it?

Partner choice is one of the critical steps in the path to derive full benefits of FAO. The difference between a top of the line and not so advanced service provider can be very significant, both from the efficiency and from client experience standpoint.

• Do you receive demonstrable value – derived from KPIs and industry benchmarks?
• Does your service provider operate an advanced all-encompassing delivery framework that captures people management, process excellence and technology tools?
• Are you happy with the quality and outcomes of the services?
• Does your service provider ensure high level of flexibility, both up and down?
• Do you receive a “can do” and “going extra mile” service from your provider?

The above principles are a formation of the business culture and service delivery of Nordgain and we would be happy to apply them in providing services to you if given an opportunity.