Planning to engage in the FAO

Ready to engage? Here are a few dimensions you need to think about.

Planning to engage in the FAO space is an important decision for a business. You need to think about the following:


Have you properly understood and prepared for an organizational change by employing an external service provider?
Project design is an important stage that cannot be underestimated. Think about what you would like to outsource, draw the lines, prepare for the change and get ready for the execution.


Have you taken all the right steps in selecting a partner with the appropriate capabilities and culture?
Shop around and find a partner with the best match of capabilities, culture and costs. Engaging an FAO provider means creating a long-term business partnership and it takes both parties to make a mutually rewarding and lasting one.


Does your commercial relationship align your objectives with those of the provider?
Get familiar with commercial models that are applicable in the industry and think creatively to allow for a harmonious and commercially sustainable relationship where your business objectives are fully aligned with the provider’s motivation.


Are you retaining flexibility at all times by not being locked into a suboptimal business relationship?
Flexibility should be the reason for engaging into FAO in the first place. Taking care of the commercial elements in your service design is paramount and being able to switch direction is key.