Non-profit, NGO or public institution

Need a solid partner to take care of your F&A challenges?

Somebody that will go extra mile and deliver efficiency alongside reporting transparency to your stakeholders or donors?

Being a non-profit, NGO or public institution means a different set of objectives that are designed to provide public good. That typically includes transparency, autonomy and efficient use of public funds. You are funded through either donor grants or public taxes and thus are accountable to various bodies for the appropriate controls and spending. Efficient finance and accounting function is critical in this context.


Working with Nordgain, you gain a socially responsible partner who will deliver both the required quality and cost efficiency so that your social partners will gain the necessary exposure to your activities and peace of mind that you are fulfilling your duties. As a result, you will be better equipped to ensure viability and longevity of your organization while your objectives of creating public good are continuously achieved.